Rudimentary Creatures (ft. Faux Synder)

by Mogul Dash

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This was a Mass Effect to My Little Pony crossover that I created in collaboration with the amazing Faux Synder. All profits will be split with her. Thanks for your support!


Verse 1
A world once filled with beauty, now lays in waste
What can we do?
The blood, the breath that sets us apart from you
is our own downfall

While we wait here,
Lost in silence

Our home becomes our very grave.

What is certain,
in this darkness?

We pray to feel the healing rain.


The Equestrian Nations will rise up, and the elements of harmony will end this war.
Those destined to create chaos on our planet, will feel the full force of friendship.
When all creatures; ponies, griffins, and dragons come together to defeat the wrath you machines have brought upon us.

Verse 2

The world we'll fill with beauty, now from our hearts
as one we stand.
The light, the love that flows deep within us all,
is at our command.

We will stay here,
through this darkness.

Our home returns to us again.
For true magic lies in friendship
through it, our bond will never end.


Organics created you, your very being is of our own invention.
You cannot comprehend the magnitude of friendship


released October 10, 2013
Faux Synder




Mogul Dash Chicago, Illinois

I make music about PONIES.

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